The Software development rat race.

Nowadays you hear more often than others that the era of the black box tester has come to an end. Meaning that constituents are no longer hiring professionals that have been crafted as pure manual black box testers. Now these days testers should know about a lot of trades and also be testers and that is a struggling one needs to take one step back to oversee the whole picture. Because what is actually happening.

Some years ago software development has taken a shift from Waterfall or linear application development to Agilistic Software Development. Where teams are no longer sequential working for one team after an other, but individuals from all disciplines are working together to create each sprint a potentially shippable product. And that is not a bad thing, no it is really not. Because in terms of the Agile approach each person in the team should work on his or her power (the expertise that you are really good at) and when you see team members struggling, you can lend them a helping hand.

Where it went wrong is when developing software became a rat-race when every increment has to be developed faster and faster in comparison to the one before. Ending up in the Spotify model, where teams can release multiple times a day. In the end, even that was not enough as Functional and Technical Operations (in Dutch we call this Beheer which is more equivalent to maintenance), were feeling a bit like not in the inner crowd circle.

So we created Dev/Ops a way of developing software where Operations and Development should and could work together to deliver better working software with a better quality and acceptance from a business and operations’ perspective. But does this new way of delivering software, really improve the quality of that software or is just becoming more and more a Rat-race in which we are trapped because we need to create better quality software and not necessarily we need to deliver faster.

In the end, we all deliver software or systems for our clients and they do not give a sh*t about how fast software is delivered,  or how many times a day you can deploy to production. They just want working Software that lives up to their expectations. So participants in the development Rat-race take a break, count to 10  and take a few steps back, relax and start working on better software in stead of faster deliveries or x deliveries per day.